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Back Row: Frank and Linda (aka "Mom and Dad")
Left Couple: Dennis and Renae // Right Couple: Chip and Melisa

DENNIS (Co-Owner)
Anywhere but the Kitchen

  • Dennis is starting to realize that "Anywhere but the Kitchen" means "Everything but the Kitchen"
  • He's looking forward to being his own boss and fishing during his daily break from 2:00 AM - 2:15 AM.
  • Dennis agreed to care for the lawn only if he could put a super-charger on the mower.
  • This is the closest he'll be getting to NASCAR and racing for a very long time.

  • RENAE (Co-Owner)
    Kitchen Slave and Number Cruncher

  • Renae uses Tai Chi to relax and stay centered. She'll need it now, more than ever.
  • She gets queasy when committing to spend large sums of money on out of state property that "needs a little work."
  • Cruise ships also make her queasy.
  • And just one White Russian will make her tipsy.

  • CHIP (Co-Owner)
    Kitchen Slave and Our Very Own MacGyver

  • Chip is our tour guide and driver on this crazy Adirondack bus. He's probably not getting a tip.
  • He can repair most things without the use of duct tape.
  • Believes that the kitchen work triangle should include a view of the diner TV during football season.
  • Although he is good at cracking eggs, he truly excels at cracking the whip.

  • MELISA (Co-Owner)
    Waitress and Part-time Baker

  • Melisa never knew that asking "Would you like fries with that?" could be so liberating.
  • She knows that the only thing better than a freshly baked cookie is...wait, there is nothing better than a freshly baked cookie.
  • The little things make her happy, such as wearing jeans to work and talking smack on family game night.
  • On her way to becoming a 46r, she is proud of her decision to rough it on Whiteface by choosing the chairlift over the gondola.

  • The Moral Support Team

    Resident Storyteller

  • Honed his storytelling skills with years of long haul driving and time on the CB radio.
  • Frank is his name, providing running commentary is his game.
  • When at home in FL, he can be found terrorizing the neighborhood on his golf cart.
  • Frank also enjoys a good nap. (Who doesn't?)

    Hemmer and Hawer

  • Linda brings a wide variety of skills to the table including sewing and cheating at Wii Bowling.
  • When she comes to visit, you will most likely find her wandering aimlessly mumbling "Seasons...there are FOUR seasons!"
  • Linda played field hockey in her school days, therefore, she's looking forward to giving ice hockey a try.
  • As one of eight children, she worked to perfect some boxing moves that will also come in handy in the rink.